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Emergency Garage Door Repair technicians are fully trained, and carry a full parts list to better serve our clients in Carlsbad and all over North San Diego County. We offer same- day service so you or your tenant will not be out of commission for long. Check out our list of services below and feel free to reach out anytime, whether for a fast repair, timely preventive maintenance, an inspection or remote control devices/reprogramming.


     Garage motors and garage door openers have been manufactured by many companies over the years, with a multitude of parts. Our seasoned professionals are well- trained to tackle any issues that arise, with many parts available for same-day garage door opener or motor repair. 

Door crooked? Falling off or out of its track? Is there a broken, twisted or missing cable?Emergency Garage Door Repair specializes in this type of repair, to keep your door from being left open and your safety and property from being compromised. We are available anytime, day or night, so don't worry about the hour -- we are available!

All garage door systems use a spring system to maintain balance and proper function. Our trucks carry most spring sizes and styles for on-the -spot repair to get your door moving again. 

Proper door alignment and lubrication of moving parts are essential to keeping your door in working order. Reach out to us for a preventive maintenance inspection. Timely, inexpensive service now might save you from a more-expensive garage door bill later. 


Bent panels happen for all sorts of reasons. and it's not something you have to just "live" with anymore. Many manufacturers make panels that can be replaced individually to bring back proper functionality and reduce noise.

A functional remote is a must when you have a motor unit attached to your door. Whether you're in need of a new device or programming for your current devices (including your vehicles), we're here to help get everything in communication with each other. 

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